G. Miras Scholarship

The G. Miras scholarship recognizes that not all students who apply for scholarships follow the traditional academic track or are at the top of their class. This scholarship celebrates those students whose passions lie outside the ordinary or expected. It was created to support those students who are unique, but committed, and whose families lack the finances that will enable them to pursue their chosen path at an institute of higher education. The G. Miras scholarship hopes to provide recipients the ability to realize the possibilities that lie ahead by giving them the ability to jumpstart their college education while still in high school.

Each year a full first year scholarship to Rockland Community College’s First Year students as well as students in the Early Admit Program will be awarded to a select number of Rockland County high school students as described above. Students must meet the college’s requirements for eligibility and enrollment, and be recommended by a teacher or high school guidance counselor for scholarship consideration. Awarding of the G. Miras Scholarship is contingent upon acceptance to the RCC Early Admit Program.

The G. Miras Scholarship award is an outright grant. Scholarship recipients are expected to uphold a high standard of conduct and be committed to continuing their college education upon graduation from high school. Students receiving the NYS Excelsior Scholarship will not be eligible for this scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your planned area of study
  2. Please list some of your extra curricular activities and hobbies
  3. Submission in support of your desired course of study. We want to gain a better understanding of what makes you, you. Examples of submissions - a biographical essay, a poem, a video, a photo essay, samples of original art, audio of a piece of music.
  4. Are you a student in the Early Admit Program at RCC enrolling in Fall 2019